Limited Spots for our 
Kids Art Beta Membership
This is your chance to get the best price for your child's art education.
Access for $15/month!

What's in the Membership?

We teach kids aged 5-12 how to paint their own artworks from scratch. 

We touch on the drawing section, but we primarily focus on painting. 
All our artworks come with printable stencils so they can start with an outline they're happy with.

We have a library of 30+ (and growing) standalone art tutorials that teach kids how to paint their chosen artwork.
Safe space for kids
No ads, just a safe space for kids to learn new artistic skills.
Watch their smiles as they create their own artworks from scratch.
Creative thinking is crucial for brain development.

Your Child's Art Journey

Download our FREE guide to better understand your child's artistic development depending on their age.

Enjoy our complimentary 'Flamingo Silhouette' Video

This video is one of our easier artworks designed to help kids improve their grasp of colour blending and motor skills.

What do I get in the Beta Membership?

We want to create a safe place for kids to learn, free from ads, click bait and other distractions that are a constant pain on other platforms.

Our Kids Membership is being created with kids' brain development in mind, so we're working on tools for parents and caregivers to help you interpret your child's artistic progress and know where they can further develop.

If you're not artistic, or you don't have a whole lot of available time, but still want your child to learn the joys of artistic expression, our tutorials will walk them through creating their own masterpieces with minimal supervision required from you (depending on their age and skill level, of course).

For the duration of the beta test you'll also receive discounted prices on products on (our parent site). This includes supplies you may need to complete the artworks.

At the end of the membership test - 31st January 2022, we'll be offering exclusive Beta prices for our ongoing membership as a thank you for your valuable assistance.

What is required of me in the Beta Membership?

We believe the best kids membership is one created in collaboration with kids and their parents and caregivers. So we want your feedback on the membership as we add new content to it. 

At the end of each month we'll send a quick 5-7 minute survey for you to complete, asking for feedback on our platform.

We also ask you send us through photos of your child's artworks (you don't have to include your child's face, but we do love seeing their proud smiles!). We want to be certain that the artworks we are creating for kids are resulting in great finished products they can be proud of.

We'll also have additional bonus content you can choose to send through (e.g. videos of your child painting, further survey questions), where you can enter competitions, the largest prize is a 12 month FREE access pass to our Kids Membership at the end of the testing phase. Participation in these bonuses is completely voluntary and not a requirement of the program.

The Benefits of Painting for Kids

  • Promotes creativity: art is a series of infinite choices - kids learn to make small but important decisions in constructing their art.
  • Encourages brain growth: neural connections are made and synapses fire when they experiment with new concepts.
  • Builds fine motor skills: holding brushes, creating shapes and mixing paints all develop important motor skills.
  • ​More flexible thinkers: art is the creation of something out of nothing - help them take control of tasks and become comfortable with the unknown.
  • ​Healthy outlet for expression: when they don't yet have the words to express those more difficult emotions, art is a therapeutic form of expression for any age. - All Rights Reserved - Terms Of Service
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